What Is The KGF Full Form? Abbreviation KGF

Full Form Of KGF

The KGF Full Form

What Is The KGF Full Form? Here we give the detail of KGF. KGF can be described as Kolar Gold Fields. In the Kolar District of Karnataka State, India, Kolar Gold Fields is a mining locale that has a place with a Salwa said. Robertsonpet is Kolar Gold Fields’ principal command. It’d generated enormous quantities of gold and contains a comparable name township, viz. K.G.F, where Bharat Gold Mines Limited and BEML representative households live. Toward the east of KGF is a border of hills, 3195 legs Above sea level in Dodda Betta Hill. For more than 100 years, the city was well known for gold mining, which was shut on Feb 28, 2001, inferable from reduced gold assembling.

At mid-1905 s, India’s first control age unit was grown absolutely to aid KGF exercises.


With the promotion of Gold Mines and a subsequent job request, individuals From Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Salem, Tamil Nadu, and Chittoor’s North and South Arcot areas, Madanapalli and Andhra Pradesh’s Ananthapur areas were settled around the many poles. These abodes stretched out following a Time to converge into one another to frame the external ranges of the KGF town.

Interesting facts about KGF

  • Kotilingeshwara, a Lord Shiva temple, is situated from the KGF.
  • The very first plant in India was constructed at Shivanasamudra to give electricity to the KGF.
  • The head office of the National Institute for Minor’s wellness is also situated in KGF.
  • Silicosis that’s a lung disease normally Caused by dust arising because of mining was first observed in KGF.
  • The very first ever cosmic ray neutrino interaction took place in the entire world took place in 1965 in KGF.
  • It had been a joint undertaking of India, Japan, and the United Kingdom.
  • The longest passenger rail of the Planet begins from KGF up to Bangalore.


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