What is The ICSE Full Form? Abbreviation ICSE

Full Form of ICSE

The ICSE Full Form

What is the ICSE Full Form? The Full Form of ICSE is an Indian Certificate of secondary education. The Indian Certificate of secondary education is an exam done by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. It is a personal, non-governmental board of college education in India for 10th grade. It was designed to meet the recommendations of new education coverage in 1986. After the requirement for ICSE affiliated schools is growing. The mode of examination in ICSE is English. Only the typical students from the affiliated schools of ICSE are permitted to appear in this exam. Private students aren’t allowed for this examination.

Step2: Select any 2 subjects from the following subjects.

Math, Science, Environmental Science, Agriculture Science, Computer Science, Commercial Studies, Technical Drawing, Economics, A Modern Foreign Language, A Classical Language.

Step3: Select anyone from the following topics.

Computer applications, economic applications, commercial applications, home sciences, art, performing arts, cooking, fashion design, physical education, yoga, technical drawing applications. There’s 20% weightage for internal evaluation in group 1 and group 2 and 50% weightage in category 3.

Advantages of ICSE Board:

  • It concentrates on the kid’s overall development.
  • Its syllabus is vast giving equal value to all subjects.
  • It offers the pliability of selecting specific subjects.
  • It gives focuses on the in-depth study of every topic with an edge over English.
  • It is accepted by the majority of the colleges and schools across the world.
  • The ICSE syllabus is structured and compressive.
  • It aims to impart abilities, problem-solving abilities and practical knowledge to the pupils.

What’s better CBSE or ICSE?

The syllabus prepared by CBSE is acceptable for qualifying in entrance examinations, including the technology and medical professional exams. The syllabus of ICSE is more detailed and requires a scientist to recollect tons. CBSE is relatively easier than ICSE.


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