What Is The HVAC Full Form? HVAC Abbreviation

hvac full form
hvac full form

HVAC Full Form and Meaning

What Is The HVAC Full Form?. HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It’s a set of technology mainly used to regulate Airflow, heat and room temperature within a predetermined area.

It’s designed to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. The Heating and air conditioning systems design is a subject of mechanical engineering. It’s based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Heating and air conditioning systems may be used for both domestic and industrial buildings. It’s comprised of air conditioning, heating, and ventilation system.

HVAC in Technology

Heating and air conditioning technology is utilized to make a comfortable and luxurious environment indoor. It’s quite important in the design of medium to large office and industrial building. The main examples of the use of this technology are shopping centers, business offices, hotels, restaurants, schools and colleges, vehicles, etc.

Its principal aim is to provide thermal comfort ventilation to remove unpleasant odor and humidity within reasonable installation, operational and maintenance costs.


Heating and air conditioning is a bunch of technology. It’s based on the inventions of some scientists such as Nikolay Lvov, Michael Faraday, Willis Carrier, Reuben Trane, James Joule, William Rankine, Sadi Carnot, and several others.


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