What Is The Full Form Of OMR? Abbreviation OMR

full form of omr

The Full Form Of OMR

The full form of OMR is Optical Mark Recognition. OMR recognizes marks made by human beings on a document or specially printed papers utilized in examinations, surveys, etc. It used where plenty of applicants apply and data has to be processed instantly and with precision. Information is read from the document with an OMR reader.

An information sheet is scanned via a scanning device that beams a beam of light on the shaped paper and finds the regions of limited light transmittance i.e; conspicuous areas as they reflect less mild in comparison to sterile areas. It gives less than 1 percent error.
These are utilized in polls also for checking the goods in some of the companies, where there’ll be selections to indicate. Although the outcome is fast sometimes they’re also assessed by instructors for precision. Here is the Complete Form Of OMR.

OMR sheets are utilized in competitive examinations and also in college and board exams. OMR sheets are specially designed for answering MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions).

Advantages of OMR

There are advantages of using OMR sheets
1. More numbers of newspapers can be assessed in a short period.
2. For assessing the answers are PC
So the likelihood of inaccuracy also decreases.
3. It reduces the load and tension of teachers.


  • Examinations
  • Surveys
  • Evaluation and Feedback form
  • Election
  • Insurance and Banking applications


Earlier, special paper ink and distinctive input reader have demanded the OMR systems that limited the questions to be asked. Now the user may create their very own forms and ask suitable questions. It may take less than 5 milliseconds on the average check. Users may use any type of mark sq, ellipses, circle.

Disadvantages of OMR
  • Users can not collect several text as it disrupts the data.
  • In big text data might be overlooked.
  • Only multiple choice questions are preferable.



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