What is the Full Form Of OK?

full form of ok
full form of ok

What Is The Full Form Of OK In English

In Fact, Full Form Of OK is OLL KORRECT. However, It was approved like ALL CORRECT because of it is pronunciation best fit is ALL Correct. That is the reason, the type of the Okay is OLL KORRECT. Speaking about the OK. OK is the 2nd shortest English word and sentence. Signifies: Alright, Proceeding, Typically and other meanings are there of the word of OK. OK is a word used to denote approval, agreement, acceptance, or assent?  Okay, expand as Olla Kalla. It’s a Greek word which suggests All correct. That is a common word utilized in conversation whenever we agree with another recall of the exact details.

Full Form Of OK

It is utilized in chatting. OK is the abbreviation of All Correct of English, the correct/old pronunciation is something I recall the exact details, but if today. One also suggests that Okay is a type of OKAY. A whole lot of researchers have attempted to find the source of OK, it’s claimed that documents of the term Okay are seen recall the exact details Another intriguing school of however asserts recall the exact details, but if was the telegraph. They would send a message. K. Significance recall the exact details, but if 0. K. Significance recalls the exact details I do not you’ve ought to be capable to find something in google.


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