What Is The Full Form Of MAC? Abbreviation MAC

Full Form Of MAC

The Full Form Of MAC

What Is The Full Form Of MAC?  MAC stands for Media Access Control Address. It is a hardware id number that identifies every device connected to the network. MAC address embedded in network cards in your computers like an Ethernet card or Wi-Fi, in the time of production from the vendor, so it can’t be altered. Thus, it’s a hardware number of a pc, which is also called a physical address or hardware address of a network device. The Network Interface Card is a pc circuit card that allows your computer to connect to the network. It converts the information into an electric signal that may be transmitted over the network.

Thus, in a network, along with one Internet protocol address, there’s also a hardware address. IP addresses are related to TCP/IP, while the MAC addresses are associated with the hardware of network adapters. Thus, MAC is a computer’s distinctive hardware number, i.e., a special identifier for an Ethernet or network adapter on a network. There are so many networkable devices, and each is required to have a MAC address, so there must exist several addresses.

Accordingly, MAC addresses comprise of six two-digit hexadecimal numbers separated by colons. By way of example, an Ethernet card may have a MAC address of 0d: 00: b1: 8e: 83: C1. Thus, it is a hexadecimal number, which will be a 6-byte binary number and can be represented by hexadecimal colon notation. The first, 6 digits of address offer info regarding the maker, it’s called OUI.

The following or the last 6 digits identify the network interface controller, which can be assigned by the manufacturer. The network will automatically recognize this number, also we don’t have to remember the address. IEEE Registration Authority Committee assigns the MAC prefixes to its enrolled vendors.

OUI of some famous manufacturers:

  • 3C:5A:B4: Google, Inc.
  • CC: 46: D6: Cisco
  • 3C:D9:2B: Hewlett Packard


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