What Is The Full Form Of JRF? Abbreviation JRF

Full Form Of JRF

The Full Form Of JRF

What Is The Full Form Of JRF? The full form JRF is a Junior Research Fellowship. The Junior Research Fellowship is the program of the University Grants Commission that is open to applicants who qualify at the National Eligibility Testing of the UGC and the UGC Council of Scientific and Industrial Research joint test.

The aim of the JRF scheme is to give chances to NET qualified candidates to undertake advanced studies and research resulting in M.Phil/Ph.D. Degrees in Humanities and social sciences such as Languages and Sciences. The tenure of fellowship is originally for 2 years under the JRF scheme. Upon the expiry of the period, the work of the Fellow will be assessed by specialists.

In case the research work is found satisfactory, his tenure will probably be extended for an additional period of 3 years under the improved emoluments of the Senior Research Fellowship. In case the work for the first 2 years isn’t found satisfactory, an additional year will be given to him/her for improvement. During this period he/she is going to be designated as a Junior Research Fellow. In such cases work will be assessed again after 3 years, and when improvement is discovered, Fellow will receive two years under the SRF.

Therefore, the total period of fellowship is just five years, will no further provision of extension.


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