What Is The Full Form Of HTML? Meaning of HTML

Full Form Of HTML

The Full Form Of HTML

What Is The Full Form Of HTML? HTML stands for a hypertext markup language. It’s a hypertext markup language used to create web pages. It’s written in the shape of HTML elements. Hyperlink refers to a series of connections on a page to other pages. Markup language means tags are utilized to specify layout and page elements inside the page.

Its primary focus is on the way to display info on webpages, i.e. The webpages we now see on the web are written using HTML code. HTML documents are translated and displayed by web browsers. Some renowned web browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

Meaning of HTML

HTML was developed by Tim Berners Lee in the late 1990 s. It had been originally released in 1993. Until then, many HTML versions have been released. HTML 5 version is gaining popularity because of its capabilities that are several. A number of those are the following!

  • Video: The video component allows consumers to stream video from an internet site.
  • Figure: The figure element helps exhibit visual content like pictures, illustrations, and diagrams, etc.
  • Section: The section elements, like divs, helps organize the content of the web page into thematic groups.
  • NAV: It’s utilized for that part of a site that is linked to other pages of the site.
  • Header: It allows to group the introduction components on a site like an emblem, navigation products, search shape, etc.
  • Footer: It’s located at the bottom of a web page. It contains copyright info, links to social network and navigation items.

Properties of HTML:

Easy to understand: This is the simplest language you are able to say, quite easy to grasp this speech and easy to develop.

Flexibility: This speech is so much elastic that you may create whatever you want, a way that is flexible to design webpages with the text.

Linkable: You are able to make linkable text like consumers can connect from one page to another page or site through these characteristics.

Limitless features: You may Add video, gifs, images, or sound whatever you want which will make the site more attractive and understandable.

Support: You should use this language to display the documents on any platform such as Windows, Linux or Mac.


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