What Is the Full Form Of GMT? Abbreviation GMT

Full Form Of GMT

The Full Form Of GMT

What Is the Full Form Of GMT? GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time is utilized as a benchmark from where all time zones are measured. It had been established in 1884 at the International Meridians Conference when it was determined to place the first meridian in Greenwich. Greenwich is a city in London, England, situated on the southern shore of the Thames River. GMT is sometimes called Greenwich Meridian Time because It’s measured from the Greenwich meridian line to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. It’s the meantime the earth takes to rotate from noon to noon. Greenwich’s average time is an international time. It’s the basis of world time. That is a complete-time reference.

It does not change with the season. If a country is situated to the east of the Greenwich Meridian, its regional time is ahead of GMT, e.g. The time of China is GMT+8 hours. Likewise, if a country is situated west of the Greenwich meridian, its regional time is behind the GMT, e.g. The time of NY is GMT? 4 in GMT and summer -5 hours.

GMT History.

  • Until 2 August 1880, it wasn’t officially adopted by the British parliament.
  • On 18 Nov 1883, it was adopted by the United States.
  • GMT was globally adopted in 1884 at the International Meridians Conference and 24 time zones were born.
  • Today, it’s utilized as the UK’s civil time or UTC.


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