What Is The Full Form Of ETC? Abbreviation ETC

Full Form Of ETC
Full Form Of ETC

The Full Form Of ETC

What Is The Full Form Of ETC?  The Full Form Of ETC “Et cetera“. It is a Latin term which is used on the places where we want to state” along with other stuff” or”and so on”.The term et cetera is usually written in a nutshell form. This Latin term is adopted in English too and used to indicate the continuance of a series with comparable items.

For example: If you’re a stationery shop keeper, then you are able to tell that you market pen, notebooks, eraser, etc. It enables you to stay away from providing a collection of items as it won’t be easy for the shopkeeper to incorporate each product or all comparable things at a paragraph or a list. In lists where you utilize? etc? You need to ensure that each of the listed items is comparable or belong to one another.

Oher Full Forms of ETC

  •  ETC: Electronic Toll Collection
  • ETC: Evil Type Correction
  • ETC: Experiment Test Cycle
  • ETC: Earth Terrain Camera
  • ETC Time of Completion


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