What Is The Full Form of ENIAC? Abbreviation ENIAC

Full Form of ENIAC
Full Form of ENIAC

Full Form of ENIAC and Meaning

What is the Full Form of ENIAC? ENIAC stands for electronic numerical integrator and Computer. It is said to be the world’s first operational electronic digital computer developed in the US by Army Ordnance to compute ballistic firing tables to assist US troops during World War II. These firing tables enabled the military to forecast the target where a shell could hit. It enabled troops to hit their targets more accurately or dodge incoming shells. ENIAC is the abbreviation of Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator the computer. It’s composed of 18, 000 electronic tubes and can take up an area of two classrooms.

In addition, it’d 20 single number accumulators as main functional units together with units for division, multiplication, and square roots. Therefore, it wasn’t only employed by the military but was also acceptable for climate prediction, nuclear energy boosters, thermal ignition, cosmic ray studies, wind tunnel design, etc. It became obsolete when there was a demand for faster computing speeds with time.

5 Points About The First Computer, ENIAC.

  1. The ENIAC conducted move and arithmetic operations simultaneously.
  2. It took weeks of set-up time to program new issues.
  3. The only mechanical components of the ENIC were external to the computer. This includes an IBM card reader for input for 1, 500 relays and output.
  4. The divider and square root component worked by repeated subtraction and addition.
  5. It was the prototype where other modern computers evolved.


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