What Is The Full Form of DRDO? Abbreviation DRDO

full form of drdo
full form of drdo

The Full Form of DRDO

What Is The Full Form of DRDO? DRDO stands for Defense Research and Development Organization. It’s an agency of the Republic of India, accountable for the military’s development and research. It had been established in 1958 by the merger of the then technical development establishment and the Directorate of Technical Development and Production with the Defense Science Organization.

It’s headquartered in New Delhi and is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Defense, Government of India. As of Nov 2016. S Christopher is the managing director of DRDO and Dr. G.S. Reddy is the scientific advisor to the Defence Minister. DRDO aims to make India prosperous by providing top-notch science and technology base and also to provide the country with Defence Services decisive edge by providing competitive systems and solutions.

Key Functions / Activities.

  • Apprise and advises Raksha Mantri on the influence of emerging developments in science and technology on national security.
  • Render advice to Raksha Mantri and also to the 3 services on all scientific aspects of weapons, weapon platforms, military operations, etc.
  • Formulate and execute programs of scientific development and research in relevant areas related to national security.
  • Direct and administer the agencies, laboratories, installations, ranges, projects, and programs of the Department.
  • Participate in the acquisition and evaluation proceedings of all weapons systems and related technology proposed to be acquired by the Ministry of Defense.
  • Financial along with other material assistance to institutions, universities for study and training of manpower on aspects of Science and Technology related to national security.


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