What Is The Full Form Of DJ? Abbreviation DJ

Full Form Of DJ
Full Form Of DJ

Full Form Of DJ

The Full Form Of DJ is Disk Jockey. Disc Jockey is an individual who plays music to the public at a party, pub or even Disco. A disc jockey can play the music or make use of a mixer to modify its whole music and lyrics. Disc Jockey has complete control over the music getting played in the hallway. The name Disc Jockey comes from the Compact disc that is used from the DJ’s to play songs.

Types of DJ

  • Radio DJ: These are also known as Radio Jockey or even Radio Personality. They present and play the music that’s broadcasted on FM AM and Internet radio stations. They play tracks in the set playlist provided by the radio station.

    Such playlists usually concentrate on a specific audience and music genre. They also take calls from listeners. When required based on the arrangement of the program.

  • Club DJ: The well-known name is DJ. These are utilized to play music, party songs, and remix songs with their very own creativity in the party halls, bars, and nightclubs. They generally play dancing songs to get individuals on their feet. They also play songs asked by the audience and in accordance with the mood of the audience.
  • Mobile DJ: They journey with mobile sound systems and play recorded music on various occasions like weddings and high school or school functions. They generally have their very own sound system they usually bring with them to the functions.


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