What Is The Full Form of ARMY? ARMY Abbreviation

full form of army
full form of army

The Full Form of ARMY

What is the Full Form of ARMY? This page is about the meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or jargon term ARMY. The full form of ARMY stands for Alert Regular Mobility Young,

An ARMY is an Organized Military Force Armed Forces for fighting on land. There are hundreds of Army specific acronym which help the Army function better. When everybody has a pair, that help the Army function more efficiently., the response time is faster and army action is more efficient.

Meaning of ARMY

Though the acronym only has one meaning. Some have a number of different meanings depending upon the context. Soldiers along with other Army personnel will comprehend which phrase the acronym is indicating depending upon the situation, time, and place where the acronym is used. An army is an organized military force armed forces for fighting on property.


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