What Is Full Form GPRS? Abbreviation Of GPRS

full form gprs
full form gprs

Full Form GPRS

What Is Full Form GPRS? GPRS stands for general packet radio services. It is based on GSM infrastructure. It becomes very popular because of access over the radio medium. A cell phone with a sim card offers internet and voice services to the mobile user. Net packets flow from device to the Internet Service Provider and vice-versa. Enables an individual to navigate web sites, make Voice over IP calls within a cellphone, connect on VPN, etc. Initially, the telecom network was supporting only voice and SMS, then a separate parallel core network was developed for data or packer support. The Full Form GPRS empowers packet-based service within the radio interface. This means utilizing a mobile phone, which connects to the cellular network over radio port that a subscriber can use services.

GPRS works?

Like any other agency over GSM, GPRS additionally utilizes standard protocols and processes. These are described at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute(ETSI). Mobile apparatus having configurations for GPRS profile along with network have GPRS settings configured in database in-home network. On the roaming side, a committed node named SGSN added for GPRS registration and net packets flow from device to home network and vice-versa. In LTE, the roaming node MME.

Advantages of GPRS

  • It provides a higher data transfer rate than fixed telecommunication networks. Its optimum speed is 171.2 kbps, nearly 3 times quicker than fixed-telecommunication speed.
  • It provides instant connection and data transport.
  • It’s very cheap.
  • it’s innovative and superior applications. It provides internet applications over cellular and facilitates Web surfing – commerce, etc.
  • What’s necessary to use GPRS? 
    An application with a GPRS modem
  • A GSM/GPRS network
  • A Subscriber Identity Module card with GPRS service
  • A station with access or the GPRS network


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