What Is The Computer Full Form? Abbreviation And Definition Of Computer


The Computer Full Form

What is the Computer Full Form? A computer is not an acronym. Computer stands for Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research.  A computer is a digital device that can store, retrieve, and process data according to directions. It utilizes computer programming to perform sequences of arithmetic or logical operations. It is a word derived from the Phrase “compute” so to calculate. In simple terms, you can say that a computer is an electronic device that’s used for rapid calculation.

First I want to ask this to you very quickly, what’s computer definition? I would like to hold a while before we move forward to know What the full type of COMPUTER is. That concludes the simple computer definition.  Computers Also come in various shapes and sizes, e.g. laptops, desktops and tablets but they can execute the same or similar jobs.

What Is Computer Definition

Many people state that Computer Full Form is Common Running Machine Purposely Employed for Technological and Educational Research. It’s only a myth because first, this definition doesn’t make any sense and moment when the computer was invented they were
just computing machines that need a lot of room for the institution.

An electronic device that is used to perform arithmetic and logical operations
automatically. A computer consists of a central processing unit and some form
of memory.”

COMPUTER = Arithmetical Logical Unit (ALU) + Control Unit (CU)

Arithmetic Logical Unit is utilized to perform arithmetic and logical operation.

Control unit is used to modify the sequence of operations in response to stored

Categorization on The basis of production

  • First-generation computers: (1940-1956) predicated on Vacuum tubes.
  • Second-generation computers: (1956-1963) based
    on Transistors
  • Third-generation computers: (1964-1971) predicated on Integrated Circuits
  • Forth production computers: (1971- Present)
    According to Microprocessors
  • Fifth-generation computers: (Present and
    Beyond) based on Artificial Intelligence

There are many types Of computers available on the grounds of their working areas: Supercomputer, Work frames, network, desktops, laptops, palmtops, etc..


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