What Is CID Full Form And Abbreviation?

CID Full Form
CID Full Form

CID Full Form

What Is CID Full Form? CID stands for the crime investigation department. It is an investigation and intelligence wing of the Indian state police. It’s among the most crucial units of law enforcement organization and is headed by the Additional Director General of Police.

It’s headquartered in Pune and investigates the specified cases entrusted from the Govt. Of DGP and India. It had been formed by the British authorities in 1902 to preserve law and order within the country, on the recommendation of the Police Commission. The department has its very own ranks of officers who work in simple clothes. These officers are known as Detectives or CID officers.

CID Full Form in English

The most important job of the CID is to investigate criminal cases such as rape, murder, theft, robbery etc. It collects evidence, facts for criminal cases and scams and grabs criminals and presents the accused with proof in the Court. Depending upon the amount of the offense, these investigations can span a number of cities and countries. The CID team takes the assistance of local police to investigate the cases. Back in 1929, this department was divided into a particular Branch, CID and Crime Branch CID.

Eligibility criteria becoming a CID officer.

The candidate must be a citizen of India and the minimum qualifications necessary for a candidate to join CID as a Sub Inspector or officer is graduation from a recognized university.

But to combine CID as constable, the minimum qualification required is twelfth or Higher Secondary Certification. Aside from qualification is insufficiently becoming a CID officer, one has to clear the Indian Civil Services examination that is held annually universities in India offering from universities in India offering. There are numerous universities in India that offer classes in criminology at graduation degree. These classes might help you combine the CID. There are a variety of designations or articles in CBI.

In addition, the candidate must have a fantastic memory, sharp eyes, fantastic judgment of character, capability. Those are the basic requirements of this job.


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