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Best ways to Earn Money Online

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Today in this article, we will discuss the best ways of online earning. There are too many sites and also plenty of ways which are offering to earn some extra money online. Some of them are real and most of them are fake.

Today we are talking about the to best legit ways to earn money online without investing online.

Earn Money Online

Best ways to Earn Money online from home


  1. Personal Computer (PC)/Laptop/Mobile
  2. Good internet connection
  3. Patience

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website or social media profile with lots of followers, and you want to make money online without any investment, then Affiliate marketing is the right option for you. There are too many sites online which are offering such a huge profit for their products. All you need to do that, create an account on their website, fill the required information, choose the product and then share the given to your social media profile or page like Facebook, twitter, Redd-it, LinkedIn, Google+, WhatsApp, Telegram or whatever you heard. There’s something you didn’t understand in which is given above then here is the point to point procedure for you.

  1. Choose the best affiliate program site. You can search it on Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine. I preferredĀ  Amazon, ClickBank, CJ affiliates, Alibaba. If you are a Pakistani and want to make money using affiliate marketing in Pak rupees then’s Affiliate Program (Mostly known as Daraz Dost Program) is the right option for you to start it out.
  2. First put your personal information (remember that all information you put on these sites must be legit and email is also in the working state)
  3. Verify The credentials you put on these sites and then search the best product from their given and copy the link or HTML code.
  4. if you have a website, then paste the HTML code on your website where you want to display the product, mostly in the sidebar or widget areas. If you don’t have any website then copy the main product link, don’t customize it, and paste it on your social media account. each visitor, you refer, you earn money. You can earn up to $1000 per month if you work honestly and you have too many followers on your social media accounts.

Google AdSense

Do you have a website and also have good quality content, don’t worry about the visitors or views.

Note: If you want to boost your search engine ranking or want SEO guide for free, then click here.

But, if you don’t have any website then you can create a website with very low cost. For Hosting You can use GoDaddy, NameCheap or bluehost, they are cheap and also provide free domains with 1 year hosting packages for free. All packages are starting from 1$. If you need any help to in creating the website, then feel free to comment below or contact us, as it is totally free.

After Affiliate Marketing, the Google AdSense is the best option for the web developers. Google AdSense is CPM, CPC and CTR network which have high rates. A website with very good, unique and quality content, can make very huge money.

How to start with Google AdSense? How much it costs? How much it pays to me?

Google AdSense is a very big and no. 1 platform for website developers as it pays money for their visitors to them. If you want to start working with Google AdSense, it does not cost you anything (it is absolutely free forever, you can’t buy it from anyone, if you do this, you will permanently be banned from using Google AdSense). Below are some requirements to start using Google AdSense.


Domain Name

You can buy any domain, with your favorite TLD (top-level domain) like .com .net. .org etc from many domain registrant sites, for example, NameCheap, GoDaddy, or any other you like. We recommend NameCheap as it is offering .com domain in just 1$. Go ahead and buy a Domain name for you with your favorite niche.


After purchasing your domain name, the next step is to buy the hosting for you. You can also buy the hosting from NameCheap, GoDaddy or (we are using this hosting provider site).


After building the site, write content from yourself. Remember one thing in mind that, the content must be unique (unique means non-copyright content), attractive, and meaningful. I only wrote good quality content. Google AdSense is a quality platform, not a quantity platform so do something different and best from others to get fast approval from Google AdSense.

Work with adsense

before applying to Google AdSense, make sure that your site is ready and complied with the policies of the Google AdSense. You can read the policies of the Google AdSense from here.

After reading these policies, if you feel that your site is complying with rules, then you can apply for the Google AdSense, but also check here the few things given below:

  • Create Primary Pages for your site e.g. About, Contact, Privacy Policy pages.
  • You must have content minimum of 600 words per page.
  • Your site doesn’t have any malicious thing.
  • Your site have only unique and quality content.

You can apply for your new AdSense Account from here.

If you are guessing how much it Google AdSense pays for the traffic of your website. There is not a suitable answer available on the internet because Google is CPM, CPC, and CTR network. It pays different for the different conditions, like country, keyword, or content, but an estimate is that the Google AdSense could pay around from 0.1$ to 5$ per Click for your visitor but this is only estimated. If you need any help regarding Google AdSense then you can comment below or contact us using our contact us page.

Online Surveys

Another best option to earn money online is completing the surveys on different legit sites. They are paying from some pennies to dollars for completing per survey on their site. There are plenty of sites available around the world which are offering a high rate of earnings to the users for working on their sites. Swagbucks is the best legit site from one of them.

Paid for online searching is the best option for those users who use the internet to surf the search engines only like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. There is a platform named is available on the cloud which is offering the users of Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom to search for something on their site and get paid for it. Users can earn good money by using this website.

Start Your own website

Starting own website is looking difficult but this is not. You can build your own site with CMS apps like WordPress, Blogger, etc. They are free, reliable, and easy to use. After creating the website using one of the above platforms, display the ads from different CPM, CPC sites like Google AdSense, Adsterra, Propellerads, Chitika, Media.NET, and Revenuehits. They are offering high rates for your visitors. you can also use a short linking platform to earn money from your visitors.

Gigs on Fiverr

Users can earn money by also working on the Fiverr. It pays you for your skills like Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Office work, etc. You can sign up on the Fiverr and create a gig on it. You can work for others and they will pay you. Users can earn up to thousands of dollars using this site.

Freelance Work

Freelancer is another website that is paying to its users for their skills. Work on the freelance is the same as Fiverr.

YouTube Videos

Posting videos on YouTube is another the best option to earn money online. YouTube is the biggest video monetization platform hold by Google, inc. YouTube pays to its visitors through the Google AdSense program. You can create a channel on YouTube by visiting the, Sign up for the YouTube account by using your Google Account. Upload videos on YouTube, promote them, get viewers, complete the requirements for applying the Google AdSense on your YouTube channel, and then start earning money.

Short Linking

If you don't have any website or have a website with good traffic but Google AdSense is not applied on your website, then don't worry, the Short Linking is the best option for you. You can earn money for every visitor you got. There are hundreds of sites hanging around the internet which are offering the best rates for your visitors. and are also the short linking websites and pays high money for the visitors. You can earn a minimum of 1$ per 1000 visitors you got and a maximum of 12$ per 1000 visitors.


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