What Is The API Full Form? API Definition & Abbreviation

API Full Form

The API Full Form

The API Full Form is the application program interface. A developer writing an application program may make a petition in the operating system using API. It’s a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software and applications. It might be any type of system such as an internet-based system, OS or even a database System.

Kinds of APIs:

There are numerous kinds of APIs present for systems, applications, and web sites, but the concept of APIs for the web sites is brand new that web API’s are popularly known as Morden APIs. For example, on your Computer system if your copy and paste text from one application to another is simply because of APIs which permit you to move and copy data from one location to another.

Even though the concept of an Application programming interface is as old as programming, but the web sites APIs have given a brand new identity to it all the web sites use API’s to join and socialize with some other websites.

API Designs.

Principles are employed in designing APIs. One method is the concept of information hiding. It works on the principle that software can be split into modules, each of that has a given interface. Another is a software architecture that is utilized to make and maintain top-level software structures.

Popular APIs:

  • Google Maps Application programming interface! With the Google Map API, we may embed google maps into our websites.
  • YouTube API: With the YouTube Application programming interface we may incorporate the YouTube videos and performance into our websites.
  • Flicker API: With the Flicker Application programming interface we may access the flicker photo-sharing network data.
  • Twitter API: In the Twitter Application programming interface we get two types of APIs Rest and Search API. With the Twitter Rest Application programming interface we may access the center twitter data and with its search Application programming interface get the twitter searches and trend data.
  • Amazon Product Advertising Application programming interface! With the APD Application programming interface, we may add the amazon product choice and discovery advertising and monetize our site.


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