Clear the Clutter – 5 Simple Steps to Free Your Kitchen from Clutter

A clutter-free kitchen keeps your stress levels down when you need to cook. It makes preparing school lunches easier, and even quick tasks like grabbing a snack, making a cup of tea, or entertaining an unexpected visitor are easier when the kitchen is clutter-free. How can you keep your kitchen neat and tidy? Here are five simple steps to follow:

  1. Keep Countertops Clear

As tempting as it may be to store appliances and decor on the kitchen countertops, don’t do it. Instead, find the best place to buy cookware in your local area or online, and pick up a handsome set of pots and pans to display on a hanging rack or stand. Everything else should be tucked away in your kitchen cabinets. This hides visual clutter, and the empty countertop space will create a sleek and open appearance in your kitchen, giving your brain room for the creativity needed to take your cooking to the next level. 

  1. Embrace the Rules

Set some rules that you can still uphold on busy days, tired days, and afternoons when you don’t have much willpower left. This might be as simple as putting dishes into the dishwasher as soon as you’re done with them. Another great one is “don’t put it down, put it away.” This goes for trash, foods that you partially used (like condiments), utensils, and cutlery. The difficult part is getting the rest of the family to abide by the rules, but if everyone cooperates, the kitchen will remain clutter-free. 

  1. Develop Kitchen Rituals

Rituals make up the rhythm of daily life. These little habits follow after one another and make life comfortable by giving it some flow. Waking up to a cup of coffee, reading the news, and having a shower are typical elements of a morning ritual. 

When it comes to leaving the kitchen clutter-free, it helps to have a ritual in place, but you must ensure it’s realistic. If you can’t religiously wash the dishes each night, endeavor to scrape them and neatly stack them. This is just an example – you need to create your own standards for the kitchen, and it could be as simple as never leaving the space before the countertops are clear. 

  1. Designate a Place for Every Item

There are so many great stands, shelves, and magnetic strips for kitchen equipment. Containers for the pantry and shelving for drawers can keep spices and dry foods neatly stored. If each and every item has its own place, clutter can only happen if your above-mentioned ritual isn’t followed. No more stashing things into corners and lining them up to look neater. Instead, take the time to find a forever home for each kitchen item. When they’re out of sight and properly stored away, your kitchen truly will be clutter-free. 

  1. Kit Out Your Kitchen

Kitting out your kitchen is an important element in designating a place for each and every utensil. Some of the most useful items include storage containers for the pantry as these allow you to eliminate messy cereal boxes and the risk of sugar being spilled. They also help you limit the chance of developing pests. Weevils, rats, and even cockroaches are drawn to spilled food, so containers that minimize mess will keep your cupboards safer, cleaner, and more hygienic. 

Kitted Out and Clutter-Free

A clutter-free kitchen is a happy kitchen. Food can be prepared with a clear mind when you don’t have to rummage through doors to find ingredients. Keeping your kitchen clutter-free makes every aspect of food preparation more pleasurable. 

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