How to Protect Yourself During an Airsoft Battle

For people that did not experience playing airsoft, we recommend that you try the sport once in your life. However, airsoft is the best physical game suitable to fans of FPS games, action movie enthusiasts, and people that just want to shoot other people without hurting one another. 

Why Should You Play Airsoft?

The first time I played airsoft, my knowledge of handling firearms and even a full-scale airsoft replica is only a handful, you can even count the bullet points with all your fingers. Not to mention that my military experience ranges from assembling an old Colt AR-15, firing an M-16, and doing some push-ups inside an air base filled with sharp shards of concrete. My friends and I were just marching to the orders of our company C.O. In those days I thought that joining the military was probably boring, so I went ahead to pursue an engineering degree. 

One day, a colleague of mine invited me to play airsoft. Upon reaching the site, I was surprised with the Huge array of Airsoft Masks, literal vintage ammo cans filled with airsoft BB rounds, airsoft body armor, and the impressive collection of airsoft gun models. All of the equipment is stored at the back of a white pick-up truck. Today, I will share with you why you should experience an airsoft match.

Learn from the Masters

A surprising thing about airsoft games is the knowledge and skill set that all the players will share with you. Upon my entrance to the first match, I received a hailstorm of BB bullets. Talk about trigger-happy individuals waiting all week to play airsoft. However, people who play airsoft have experience with either the military or law enforcement agencies. You are lucky to meet these people as they can share some tactics that you need to survive even one airsoft match. 

Fitness and Well-Being

That one weekend I began to play airsoft was a surprise to my physical body. Imagine previously sitting around your desk all day, cleansing tools, writing on papers, typing on your PC, and in one single click, you are running across rugged terrain holding a few pounds of airsoft equipment. After that day, I started shedding some pounds and tried to gain extra muscle to be prepared for the onslaught of playing airsoft matches. 

Learn Survival Skills

Yes, you can learn some survival skills while playing some airsoft. Aside from learning how to operate a firearm replica, you will be exposed to different forms of terrain. The experience will tune-up if you are pitted against a whole enemy squad on your own. You will learn to watch the trees, plants, tall grass, and even learn objects on the terrain you can use to your advantage. 

How can You Protect Yourself while Playing Airsoft?

As we all know, airsoft matches are just games we physically play for entertainment. However, the typical airsoft gun still features a powerful punch to propel BB rounds. Some airsoft guns that other players use can either be modified or have upgraded components making their guns function optimally. 

If you get hit with BB rounds, you will typically experience a pinch or a small punch. But having no protection at all can be lethal to every person. Be reminded that a BB round launched from an airsoft gun still travels at 150-500 fps which is harmful to your exposed organs. 

Head Gear

When playing airsoft, you don’t need a ballistic helmet since you won’t be exposed to real-life bullets, machine-gun fire or the contusion that soldiers suffer from explosions and artillery rounds. However, it is best to use head-gear such as light-weight motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets, balaclavas, or gas mask models to conceal your eyes, ears, face, and neck. 


Carrying a full-metal airsoft model or even the ones made from plastic for long periods can be annoying to the skin of your hands. You might even receive blisters, scratches, and wounds while operating an airsoft gun. It is why we recommend using some basic gloves that match your whole airsoft battle attire. 


While playing an airsoft match, we also advise you to wear any type of vest. Most modern-day airsoft players tend to mimic real-life operating gear used by military forces. Luckily, the best thing about airsoft is that you can play with any attire you want to wear. Wearing a vest made from thick-fabric, foam, or rubber helps protect against BB rounds hitting your body mass. Trust me, you don’t want to go home or return to work with itchy body areas.

To protect yourself during an airsoft battle, you should prepare some basic body protection. Remember to always conceal your eyes, face, ears, neck, hands, and body mass. All of these parts are susceptible to damages made by BB rounds.

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