Top Essential Factors to Consider When Purchasing Medication

Medicine is an exceptional lot of consumer goods whose manufacturing, distribution, supply, and advertising must meet a stringent legal, safety, quality, and authenticity threshold. Today, however, it is evident that some physical and online pharmacies value profits over peoples’ wellbeing and lives.

When you lack a prescription or are unaware of medicine and its ingredients, it has become easy for these pharmacies to sell you the wrong drugs. For example, such rogue pharmacists may sell you contaminated or expired prescriptions, medicine with the harmful active ingredient, the wrong amount of medication, or harmful drugs with severe side effects.

To evade such conmanship and to avoid risking your life, there are several factors and procedures that you should crosscheck when buying over-the-counter drugs or prescribed drugs from pharmacies, both physically and online. They include;

A prescription ensures that you get the correct medication and in the proper dosage. Therefore, whenever you want to purchase any medicines from any drug store, ensure you bring your prescription with you. It is incredibly essential to note that you should never buy any medication from a pharmacy that sells you any medicinal drugs without requesting a valid prescription from the doctor.

You associate yourself with a high risk when you buy medicine without an authentic prescription from such rogue pharmacies. They might sell you the wrong medication, sub-standard medicine, or the wrong dosage. All these scenarios can have detrimental effects on your body and even pose a danger to your life.

  1. License and Certification

License and certification should be the first factors to look for, especially when you intend to buy Nurofen or any medication from online drug stores. A license is an indication that the online pharmacy is legitimate and has met the basic requirements set by the regulating body to sell medicine online. Therefore, it is an indication that the drugstore is authentic and it sells drugs that are of high quality.

All online drug stores should display their valid licenses and other necessary certifications on their websites for clients to verify if they are licensed quickly. That said, avoid those stores that do not have the documentation required to be operational. If you are unsure whether a particular store is licensed or not, check from the regulating body’s website or read customer reviews. Unlicensed online drug stores are a red flag, and you should stay as far away from them as you can.

  1. The Details on the Medicine Package

Before ordering the medicine from the online pharmacy or purchasing from the physical one, always ensure that you read the medicine’s package to cross-check its details. Be keen on details such as the manufacturer, manufacturing date, expiry date, and the active ingredient in the medication. By checking the expiry date, you are ensuring that the medicine’s shelf life is still valid and the medicine is safe to take. Understanding the active ingredient in the drugs you use will lower the possibility of being given the wrong prescription.


As earlier said, buying medicine is a sensitive task that calls for maximum caution. Therefore, whenever you are about to buy Nurofen or any other medication from multiple pharmacies, ensure to follow the above guidelines to avoid any detrimental blunders.

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