What Are the Different Types of Auto Accidents That Occur Today?

A car wreck can be a huge inconvenience for your life. But, it can also be fatal. 

There are 6 million car accidents per year in the United States. But, how does it happen? What are things that you need to look out for? 

These are some of the types of auto accidents that you may face. 


This is when the fronts of the two cars collide. It can be a deadly collision if it is done at high enough speeds. 

The impact here would be pretty intense, and there would most likely be a lot of damage. 

Some causes of this can be if one driver loses control of their car, some very distracted driving by ignoring a “Do Not Enter” or “One Way” sign, or accidentally shifting your car too far to the left or right on a residential road. 

These types of accidents tend to be a direct hit on your car, so they could be the type that has passengers fly out of cars at intense enough speeds. In fact, this blog has several stories of deaths via head-on collisions. 


A sideswipe is not always as intense, but it can still cause significant damage. This can happen when one car drifts too far into another driver’s lane, or they try to change lanes when another driver is coming into their blind spots. 

Sometimes, sideswiped are caused by drivers that get spooked. If a third driver cuts someone off, that driver can panic and swerve into another lane with a car in it. 

Also, if there is suddenly debris or loose items on the lane right in front of you, sometimes a driver will try to swerve to avoid it quickly and instead hit a car in the other lane. 

These types of accidents are usually caused by some type of distraction and not being aware of another driver’s presence. 

Multiple Vehicles 

This is when there are three or more cars in one accident. Multiple vehicle collisions usually occur in areas with a larger amount of traffic, like an intersection. 

However, another popular way that this can happen is if someone suddenly stops short. Then, if drivers are driving close enough together, this can cause a chain reaction, with multiple people crashing into the car in front of them. 

Finally, if two cars crash at an intersection, they can involve a third depending on the direction a car that takes heavy impact goes. 

Single Car 

Perhaps the most embarrassing of the bunch, there are accidents that happen which only involve one car. This can happen during bad weather conditions like rain or slow when the road is slippery. 

Other times can be when a driver is impaired and does not have full control of their motor functions. But, a driver can also be distracted, such as by texting, or even have their brakes fail on them. 

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These types of auto accidents are serious business. They can not only cause serious damage to your car, but a bad auto accident can be fatal. Do not end up a statistic. 

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